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Accounting Society

The purpose of the organization is to broaden the students' knowledge about the Accounting and Business practices outside the class room.

Africa In Motion (A.I.M)

The purpose of AIM is to further involve and educate Utica College students/ community in learning about different cultural heritages, through American dance (hip-hop, modern, etc.), African dance, and Latino dance.

Alpha Chi Rho National Fraternity (AXP)

Alpha Chi Rho is a national men's collegiate fraternity whose purpose is to enhance the lifelong intellectual, moral, and social development of its members through the guidance of its Landmarks.

Alpha Epsilon Delta

Alpha Epsilon Delta is an honor society for students in the pre-health fields, such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, veterinarian medicine, pharmacy, OT, PT, nursing, health studies, etc.

Alpha Phi Delta (APD)

What is Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity? Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity is a national Italian Heritage Fraternity, established in 1914 at Syracuse University. Currently, the fraternity has members drawn from 40 colleges and universities.

Alpha Phi Omega Eta Mu Chapter (APO)

Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity, open to both men and women, based on the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. Officially chartered June 2015.

Amnesty International Group at Utica College (AIG@UC)

AIG@UC is an official student group of Amnesty International which purposes are to to educate local communities about human rights set out in UDHR, to bring awareness of human rights violations happening across the world and to stand for human rights.

Angelic Voices of Unity Gospel Choir (AVU)

Angelic Voices Of Unity Gospel Choir is an organization that maintains a welcoming spiritual atmosphere through gospel music. The choir is a learning experience where we sing and connect with one another.

Anime Club (Otaku)

The purpose of Anime Club is to spread the word about Japanese animated shows and the culture that surround it. The club brings together those people with the similiar interest of anime.

Asa Gray Biological Society (Asa Gray)

The mission of the Asa Gray Biological Society is to enhance the educational experience of Utica College students interested in the biological sciences.

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