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Asian Student Union (ASU)

The Asian Student Union is a cultural club formed to increase the awareness of different Asian cultures across campus. We hope to bring the UC community together.

Athletics at UC

Expressing our values in the spirit of athletic competition, UC offers 25 Division III intercollegiate sports affiliated with the NCAA, Empire 8, and the ECAC. We also have plenty of Intramural activities engaging almost 70% of the student population.



Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union is an organization whose purpose is to promote awareness of the African American culture. The organization's function is to help establish diversity and unity throughout the Utica College campus as well as the community.

Boehlert Hall

Boehlert Hall

Boxing Club at UC (UCBX)

If you are looking for a boxing gym on campus this is the place to be. We provide a number of cardio workouts and self-defense workouts to help keep you at the top of your game and fitness health. Specializing in Speed Training, Strength Training, cardio

Brothers On a New Direction (BOND)

BOND is an organization of men of all races,nationalities, and creeds that comes together as a group for the greater good of the Utica College campus, as well as the greater Utica area.

Burrstone Hall

Burrstone Hall

Campus Theme Committee (CTC)

UC's "Campus Theme" is a year-long opportunity for all members of our community to explore issues of social importance. The committee reviews proposals for theme sponsored events and contributes to the funding of events that foster the campus theme.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services assists students in the successful transition from academic to professional life by offering a wide variety of resources and services.