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Caribbean Connection Association (CCA)

Caribbean Connection Association is a cultural community seeks foster awareness around Caribbean culture and topical issues. Utica College Caribbean Connection is an organization that promotes diversity, among many other things.

Chem Club - UC Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (Chem Club (UC-SAACS))

This group exists to promote the public's perception and understanding of chemistry and chemical science through public outreach and awareness programs. In addition, the group provides opportunity for peer interaction for students in the sciences.

Chi Beta Sigma Sorority (ΧΒΣ)

We are a local sorority founded in 1946, the same time Utica College started. Our motto is faith, learning and companionship. Our flower is the yellow tea rose and our mascot is Lambchops. We do community service and donate to organizations in need.

Circle K International (Circle K)

A dedicated community service organization that strives to help not just our college community but the community around us.

Climbing Club (UCCC)

An organization of UC students who share the same passion for exploration in New York's wilderness regions. Whether it be working towards our goal of becoming a 46ers, or increasing our climbing ability and strength!

Colleges Against Cancer (CAC)

The purpose of CAC shall be to hold events related to fulfilling our purpose of reducing cancer incidence and death while measurably improving the quality of life for cancer patients and survivors. Our club will host Relay For Life in the spring.

Community Service Opportunites

This is NOT an Organization that you can join. This is a listing of Community Service Opportunities that is currently available.

Dance Team (Utica College Dance Team)

A group of dancers that entertain with jazz/hip-hop routines at athletic events and other recreational events.

Debate Club

Providing the opportunity to think critically about the political, philosophical and communication art issues.

Diversity Committee

Representative group addressing issues of diversity on the UC campus for students, staff, and faculty. Provides programming support, recognizes outstanding students and staff, and is involved with a variety of diversity initiatives.