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Education Club (UC Education Club)

UC Education Club is open to any student who expresses an interest in the field of education. The purpose of the organization is to encourage a coalition among Utica College students who are interested in the education field.

Faculty Senate

Governing body for Utica College Faculty Members

Fine Arts Club (Art Club)

The purpose of the Art Club at Utica College shall be to hold events related to art. This shall be achieved through community outreach and fund raising.

First Nation Students at Utica College (FNS@UC)

The purpose of the First Nation Students at Utica College is to provide support to members and to establish communication and understanding between First Nation students and the college community.

Frank E. Gannett Memorial Library (Library)

Fuerza Latina at Utica College (Fuerza Latina)

We the members of Fuerza Latina have come together to fulfill a common need to share our rich Latino/a heritage and to unite all of our Latino brothers and sisters in a mutual bond.

Gaming Club

A variety of people come together and play console, pc games and host tournaments for the campus. We welcome all kind of gamers from novice(newbs) to experienced(hardcore). Our main goal is to have fun.

Geology Club

The Geology Club is an organization comprised of students in the geoscience major at Utica College as well as other students and faculty/staff members who are interested in geoscience.

Go Club

Go is board game for two players which the aims is to surround more territory than the opponent. The purpose of Go Club is to challenge our minds to think critically.

Harold Frederic English Society (HFES)

The Harold Frederic English Society is for students, both English majors and non-majors, who are interested in language and literature. The Society sponsors literary events on campus and takes cultural outings including an annual trip to major city.