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Athletics at UC

Expressing our values in the spirit of athletic competition, UC offers 25 Division III intercollegiate sports affiliated with the NCAA, Empire 8, and the ECAC. We also have plenty of Intramural activities engaging almost 70% of the student population.

Boxing Club at UC (UCBX)

If you are looking for a boxing gym on campus this is the place to be. We provide a number of cardio workouts and self-defense workouts to help keep you at the top of your game and fitness health. Specializing in Speed Training, Strength Training, cardio

Chi Beta Sigma Sorority (ΧΒΣ)

We are a local sorority founded in 1946, the same time Utica College started. Our motto is faith, learning and companionship. Our flower is the yellow tea rose and our mascot is Lambchops. We do community service and donate to organizations in need.

Climbing Club (UCCC)

An organization of UC students who share the same passion for exploration in New York's wilderness regions. Whether it be working towards our goal of becoming a 46ers, or increasing our climbing ability and strength!

Dance Team (Utica College Dance Team)

A group of dancers that entertain with jazz/hip-hop routines at athletic events and other recreational events.

Fine Arts Club (Art Club)

The purpose of the Art Club at Utica College shall be to hold events related to art. This shall be achieved through community outreach and fund raising.

Improvisation Club (Improv Club)

This club is dedicated to advancing acting skills on all levels by play games and having fun. We also fund raise for good causes while improving our performance skills.

Ladies of the Pionettes (L.O.P)

A dance team that performs "stand dancing" Similar to the majorettes

League of Extraordinary Nerds (L.E.N)

The purpose of this organization is to be as nerdy as possible; talk about comics, video games, movies, future technology and more. We will attempt to have activities that include these topics.

Outing Club

An organization dedicated to encouraging enjoyment of the outdoors, including camping, hiking, and outdoor recreation but not limited to outdoor activities due to weather.

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