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Debate Club

Providing the opportunity to think critically about the political, philosophical and communication art issues.

Gaming Club

A variety of people come together and play console, pc games and host tournaments for the campus. We welcome all kind of gamers from novice(newbs) to experienced(hardcore). Our main goal is to have fun.

Improvisation Club (Improv Club)

This club is dedicated to advancing acting skills on all levels by play games and having fun. We also fund raise for good causes while improving our performance skills.

Investment Club (UCIC)

The purpose of the Investment Club is to allow students to gain experience and exposure to investing by taking part in actively managing a securities portfolio

Open Moments (OM)

The purpose of Open Moments is to provide a place where the students’ voices won’t fall on deaf ears. This organization is for anyone who is an artist. We represent freedom and we should uphold and define it through our writing and various talents.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

PRSSA is the leading U.S. organization for public relations students and seeks to connect them with professionals working in the field through networking and educational events, and a local mentorship program. UC is an active PRSSA charter chapter.

TEDx Utica College (TEDx UC)

TEDx club at Utica College will serve as a space to plan and discuss the TEDx event, to brainstorm new ideas, and watch talks. It welcomes every UC student to join the Club that has the mission of promoting innovative ideas, stories and events.

UC Fashion

A student-run organization that would meet weekly to produce a bi-weekly fashion-based magazine.

Utica College Ambassador Program (UCAP)

Give tours to prospective students. Help the admissions office with office tasks.

Utica College Programming Board (UCPB)

UCPB is the driving force behind campus entertainment. We book the FUN! From bringing concerts, comedians, and magicians, to planning dances, pub nights, trivia nights, and much more!

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