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Office of Learning Services

Office of Learning Services

Office of Student Living and College Engagement (SLCE)

The Office of Student Living and College Engagement is the students' resource for getting involved in opportunities all over campus. We were formerly known as the separate offices of Residence Life and Student Activities. We now serve you better!

Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated (OPBSI/ Betas)

Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated was founded at the State University of New York at Albany on March 15th, 1989 by 17 Radiant, Empowered Women "Sirviendo y Educando a Traves de Nuestra Diversidad/Serving and Educating Through Our Diversity"

Open Moments (OM)

The purpose of Open Moments is to provide a place where the students’ voices won’t fall on deaf ears. This organization is for anyone who is an artist. We represent freedom and we should uphold and define it through our writing and various talents.

Opportunity Programs (HEOP/CSTEP)

Office of Opportunity Programs

Organization of Justice Studies (OJS)

The Utica College Organization of Justice Studies (OJS) represents students in the criminal justice, fraud & financial crime, and cybersecurity suite of programs. OJS is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, online or ground-based.

Orientation Mentors (OMs)

A group for all the students who help our incoming class get acclimated to UC life during New Student Orientation events.

Outing Club

An organization dedicated to encouraging enjoyment of the outdoors, including camping, hiking, and outdoor recreation but not limited to outdoor activities due to weather.