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Phi Alpha Theta Gamma Xi (History Honor Society)

This organization is Utica College's Honor Society for those who have shown great achievement in the field of history during their time at UC.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. (Sigmas)

Strengthen and serve proactively the brotherhood, as a supportive resource that positively impacts the Fraternity's growth and financial solvency. Reaffirm and maintain a strong commitment to brotherhood, scholarship and service.

Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (Distinguished Dons)

Membership in Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity is a life-long commitment to the Latin American culture. It involves intellectual development, cultural consciousness, personal growth, personal achievement and social awareness.

Pioneer Builders

Pioneer Builders is for students who are pursuing a degree in Construction Management. The organization aims to advance professional objectives of its members by developing a close relationship with and better understanding of the construction industry.

Pre-Health Professionals Society (PHPS)

(formerly Medical Society) Network for pre-medical, dental, optometry, and other pre-health professional students. We provide volunteer events, shadowing experiences, guest speakers from various medical backgrounds, and we participate in fundraisers.

Pre-Law Committee of the American Bar Association (Pre-Law Society)

Pre-Law Society is an organization comprised of students aspiring to attend law school or just have an interest in the courts branch of the Criminal Justice System after graduating from Utica College.

Prestige Step Team (Prestige)

An organization here on campus where different people of all ages and races come together to perform on stage and entertain the students and visitors of the Utica College Campus by creating beats with our hands and our feet.

Psi Chi

National Psychology Honor Society

Psychological Society (Psych Society)

Psych Society is primarily for Psych Majors but we accept all students to come participate in our activities!

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