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Alpha Chi Rho National Fraternity (AXP)

Alpha Chi Rho is a national men's collegiate fraternity whose purpose is to enhance the lifelong intellectual, moral, and social development of its members through the guidance of its Landmarks.

Amnesty International Group at Utica College (AIG@UC)

AIG@UC is an official student group of Amnesty International which purposes are to to educate local communities about human rights set out in UDHR, to bring awareness of human rights violations happening across the world and to stand for human rights.

Debate Club

Providing the opportunity to think critically about the political, philosophical and communication art issues.

Fuerza Latina at Utica College (Fuerza Latina)

We the members of Fuerza Latina have come together to fulfill a common need to share our rich Latino/a heritage and to unite all of our Latino brothers and sisters in a mutual bond.

James Sherman Society at Utica College (Sherman Society)

The goal of the Sherman Society is to promote dialogue on political and current events issues through meetings, trips, events, debates, and films.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

The purpose of the NAACP at Utica College is to have the NAACP as resource for our campus to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred, discrimination and to make a difference.

Organization of Justice Studies (OJS)

The Utica College Organization of Justice Studies (OJS) represents students in the criminal justice, fraud & financial crime, and cybersecurity suite of programs. OJS is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, online or ground-based.

Pre-Law Committee of the American Bar Association (Pre-Law Society)

Pre-Law Society is an organization comprised of students aspiring to attend law school or just have an interest in the courts branch of the Criminal Justice System after graduating from Utica College.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

UC SHRM is a college(and local) chapter of the National Organization Society for Human Resource Management. This organization is based on advancement of skills in HR, decision making, social responsibility, bureaucracy, management, budgeting and more

TEDx Utica College (TEDx UC)

TEDx club at Utica College will serve as a space to plan and discuss the TEDx event, to brainstorm new ideas, and watch talks. It welcomes every UC student to join the Club that has the mission of promoting innovative ideas, stories and events.

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