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Alpha Phi Delta (APD)

What is Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity? Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity is a national Italian Heritage Fraternity, established in 1914 at Syracuse University. Currently, the fraternity has members drawn from 40 colleges and universities.

Gaming Club

A variety of people come together and play console, pc games and host tournaments for the campus. We welcome all kind of gamers from novice(newbs) to experienced(hardcore). Our main goal is to have fun.

Residence Hall Association (R.H.A)

Residence Hall Association is the governing board for the residential community.The Residence Hall Association works to make improvements to the campus community and provide programming that brings each of the residence halls together.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

Resident Assistants are student paraprofessional staff members in the Office of Student Living and College Engagement who live in and assist with the management of the residence halls, receiving extensive training in working with students.

Sophomore Year Experience

Utica College Sophomore Year Experience presented by the Office of Residence Life