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UC Dance Team (UCDT)

The official dance team for Utica College. If you like dancing hip hop, jazz, tap, modern, contemporary, lyrical etc. then this is the team to join.

UC Fashion

A student-run organization that would meet weekly to produce a bi-weekly fashion-based magazine.

UC Gay/Straight Alliance (UC GSA formerly UC PRIDE)

This is Utica College's Gay Straight Alliance Organization. Our goal is to offer positive educational information to Utica College and its extended community in order to encourage a wider knowledge and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community

University Church

We are a group designed to serve each other and our community, and to lead a life in the way Jesus would want us to. Join us on Thursday Nights from 6:30 - 8:00pm in Cristafulli Lounge.

Utica College Ambassador Program (UCAP)

Give tours to prospective students. Help the admissions office with office tasks.

Utica College Cheerleading

The Utica College cheerleading teams main focus is to keep the boys pumped at the football games encouraging them to bring home a win each game while also keeping the crowd energetic.

Utica College Chess Club

The purpose of the Chess Club at Utica College shall be to hold events related to Chess such as tournaments.

Utica College Curling Club (UCCC)

This club introduces college students to the sport of curling by teaching them the basics of and helping them challenge their physical and mental abilities through the unique strategical and physiological play of curling.

Utica College Cybersecurity Club

• To create a connected community of students interested in cybersecurity. • To provide a safe environment to develop skills learned inside the classroom. • To prepare students for professional careers in cybersecurity.

Utica College Emergency Medical Alliance (UCEMA)

The purpose of UCEMA is to provide medical training, awareness and education to the students of Utica College.

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